Winckler JP

Representing leaders in the field of pharmaceutical production and filling machinery Winckler & Co. is able to deliver advanced technology to meet the strict demands of Japanese manufacturers. From design and construction all the way through to the on-site machine installation and validation, Winckler & Co. has the necessary experience to ensure all requirements are met whether they are customer, GMP or market driven.


Primary and secondary packaging and filling machinery for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Tube filling machines, secondary cartoning machines and handling systems for collating and sorting products between stations.


Leading technology in the field of processing plants and process solutions for the production of liquid and semi-solid products. Advanced process solution provider.


Turnkey solutions for the production and filling of vials, syringes and cartridges. Including: assembly, cleaning, sterilizing, filling, closing, sealing, handling and magazining. All processes can be managed under GMP and medical grade environments.

TABLET PRESS (R&D - Large scale production)

KORSCH is a German manufacturer specializing in tableting machine. They have a full-lineup of tableting machines that produce single-layer and multi-layer tablets but also special tablets such as core-coating and chip-in tablets. Furthermore, KORSCH meets all your tableting requirements such as highly active substance containment (Wash-in-Place), smart factory (Pharma 4.0) design, tableting data acquisition and analysis tools.


MEDELPHARM is a tablet press machine manufacturer specializing in the field of "R&D". MEDELPHARM tablet press machines are equipped with the software that enables tableting data acquisition and detailed analysis, providing innovative solutions for R&D from both mechanical and software aspects.


Schubert is the market leader for packaging machines, such as Pickerlines, Cartoners, Casepackers and Flowwrapping machines for manufacturers of food, confectionery, drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and technical consumer goods.


Solutions for laminate tube production and seamless plastic tube heading

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