Winckler JP

The Japanese cosmetics market is known for its high quality products and Winckler & Co. is able to supply the necessary machines to meet these standards. We have worked with many of the leading local production companies and look forward to sharing this experience with you.


Primary and secondary packaging and filling machinery for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Tube filling machines, secondary cartoning machines and handling systems for collating and sorting products between stations.


Leading technology in the field of processing plants and process solutions for the production of liquid and semi-solid products. Advanced process solution provider.


Schubert is the market leader for packaging machines, such as Pickerlines, Cartoners, Casepackers and Flowwrapping machines for manufacturers of food, confectionery, drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and technical consumer goods.


Solutions for laminate tube production and seamless plastic tube heading

Color cosmetics and lipstick filling machine

Weckerle machines is a global leader in the field of cosmetic molding machines for various types of cosmetics such as lipsticks, foundations, nail polishes and cosmetic pencils.

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