Winckler JP

With many years of experience in the area of confectionary production machinery we are able to provide a broad range of capabilities thanks to our suppliers who are technology leaders.


Theegarten Pactec is a manufacturer in the packaging technology sector, developing high quality and intelligent packaging machines for small-sized confectionery products and other foodstuffs.


Proform develops and manufactures extrusion and forming equipment for confectionery products.


F.B. Lehmann offers machines and complete plants for the industry branches of cocoa, chocolate, confectionery, paints, coatings, and chemicals.


Haensel manufactures machines used to produce high quality candies.


Sobatech is the worldwide ambassador of continuous dosing, continuous mixing and bulk fermenting of all kinds of food products. With its innovative character and focus on three parts of the production process, Sobatech became the specialist in continuous food processing technology. The Sobatech team is passionate about enabling Industrial food producers to meet the increased food and quality demand of tomorrows consumers.


Schubert is the market leader for packaging machines, such as Pickerlines, Cartoners, Casepackers and Flowwrapping machines for manufacturers of food, confectionery, drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and technical consumer goods.

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