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Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack has the largest product portfolio of the industry offering horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal equipment for the production of pouches, doypacks, sachets, stick packs and water soluble pods.

The company has a sales network teams in over 90 countries and regional service centers that provide immediate and expedited access to parts, as well as time-minimizing solutions. Mespack serves the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, pet food, confectionery, cosmetic, and personal care markets for consumer packaged goods and is working with the world’s leading brands.

Mespack is committed to sustainability by development of new technologies that allow its customers to reduce usage of raw materials and replace materials with recycled and biodegradable materials.

H Series

The H Series is composed of 18 different HFFS machines with multiple versions, which enables the Mespack team to offer the most suitable models to our customers. The H Series is remarkable for its flexibility and the possibility of producing different shapes and pack presentations: flat or stand up pouches, cap fitments for easy product pouring, straw attachment for soft drinks, zipper reclosable systems, among others. A wide number of different fillers are available, such as augers and volumetric fillers, pumps, weighers, as well as other customized dosing systems. Product protection is also a priority, and we have several solutions for gas flushing to minimize residual oxygen contents in the pack, as well as cleaning systems C.I.P. or S.I.P.

HCM Series

The fastest and most flexible horizontal packaging machine on the market produces 60% more in comparison to a conventional HFFS machine. It combines a continuous motion, capable of producing 150 pouches per minute. The HCM will allow you to present your product with the most innovative design. All models allow the installation of top and side cap applicators, zipper applicator, straw applicator, total inert gas chambers, as well as other customized accessories. The machine can also be supplied with any dosing system and accessory upon request.

HSC Series

The HSC Series is compatible with all types of pre-made pouches, and offers the freedom to use any pouch which is available to the customer. Furthermore, it is able to use the dosage of liquids, solids, granules and powder. The HSC Series is composed of a three lane pouch feeding conveyor, a pick, and an area to transfer pre-made pouches to both a walking beam system as well as the main module where they will be opened, filled, and top sealed. Available optional equipment includes a full range of items, such as coders, hole punchers, notchers, cap fitments, spout applicators, as well as various filling systems for powder, granules, liquids, and pasty products. Additionally, we are able to install multihead weighers. A variety of models are available in accordance with pouch dimensions, volumes, and capacities.

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