Winckler JP

Color cosmetics and lipstick filling machine

Weckerle machines is a global leader in the field of cosmetic molding machines for various types of cosmetics such as lipsticks, foundations, nail polishes and cosmetic pencils.

"Multi Stic" stick filling line

Multi Stic is a new breakthrough in filling and forming machines, with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features. The flexible filling process can be easily adapted to a variety of product ranges. It covers all filling technologies for liquid rouge, make-up sticks, jars, lipsticks, etc.

"MM Series" Multi-molded lipstick filling line

MM series is capable of heating and filling lipsticks and lip balms of various shapes, diameters and outputs with a variety of machine modules. It can be scaled up from small batches and labs to high volume production MM 60, MM 180 and MM 360. With tool-less mold changing capability, the MM series ensures a flexible lipstick filling process.

"Flex Feeder" Automatic Feeder

FlexFeeder provides a fully automated process for feeding bulk packs or trays of products. The robot can be applied to the feeding as well as the packing process. The vision-controlled system ensures easy operation with minimal operator intervention.

"DPC" tableting machine for cosmetic powder

DPC ensures the feeding and compaction of a wide range of dry cosmetic powders such as eye shadows, blushes and face powders. The latest user-friendly design of the DPC ensures a cost effective solution.

"WP" molding line for powder cosmetics

WP facilitates the injection and pressing of a wide variety of wet cosmetic powders, such as eye shadow, blush, and various types of face powders. It is equipped with back-injection technology to ensure maximum efficiency and simplify the handling process by filling directly into the package.

"UF" High speed filling line

UF is a high speed filling line capable of mass production with capability of running chapstick, make-up sticks, deodorant sticks, tubes and other products of various capacities and diameters.
Machine handling provides very easy and efficient operation.

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