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Aisa Automation Industrielle SA is a Swiss-based company and the global leading supplier of equipment offering innovative laminate and seamless plastic tube packaging production solutions. It is today the largest manufacturer of machines in its category worldwide. Founded in 1962 and based in Vouvry, Switzerland, AISA holds several patents and has invested heavily in advanced packaging-related technology research and development and strives to maintain its position as a leader in its field.

SAESA® series - Laminate tube making machine

The SAESA series has set the global standard in the production of laminate tubes offering fully automated machines with capacities starting from 100 tubes/min going up to 600 tubes/min.

The patented SAESA manufacturing procedure for laminated tubes uses an inductive high frequency welding technique for aluminium barrier laminates and a heat sealing system for plastic barrier laminates. Standard equipment guarantees the efficient and flexible production of all types of laminated tubes and ensures customers continuous success.

SAESA 100 Advantage / SAESA 100 Hiflex / SAESA 120 / SAESA 200 Hiflex / SAESA 2000s / SAESA 3000 / SAESA 500line

PTH Series - Tube heading machine

The PTH series is a plastic tube heading machine. The PTH uses compression molding technology to produce quality extruded plastic packaging tubes.

Other equipment such as sleeve extrusion can be linked to the PTH system to create a semi- or fully automated production systems.

Innovative design design features and AISA's expertise ensure high reliability and minimum downtime while increased productivity.

PTH 60 / PTH 90 / PTH 100 / PTH 8.120 / PTH 150 / PTH 200

BM series - Side seame welding machine

BM series offers a machine specialized in side seam welding for laminate tubes.

The BM 4 has different welding systems on the same machine basis. Side seam methods can be chosen depending on the base material and application.

BM120 Hiflex / BM 240 Hiflex


In the Decoseam™ process, trimmed edges of the inner layer of the web are edge welded with zero overlap. A transparent reinforcing strip is then applied on to the side seam to add the required mechanical strength. Decoseam™ is a new side seaming technology that can offer full 360° printability while still complying with all established tube performance criteria’s, including both mechanical and barrier properties! This technology developed by AISA can be proposed on selected SAESA® and BM machines equipped with DIBS (Double induction belt sealing system).

Growing demand for better decoration on tube packaging has lead to several innovations in recent years. New printing technologies available for adhesive labels now are being adopted in order to print tubes laminates.

- Greater visual impact
- Uninterrupted, 360° design integrity
- Significantly higher quality perception
- Unrestricted creative freedom
- Opens new graphics, texture and “feel” opportunities
- No significant increase in costs
- Can be implemented on multi-layer barrier structures

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