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BECOMIX is a global leader in the manufacturing of processing plants and process solutions for the production of liquid and semi-solid products. With quality, experience and expertise Becomix has been a long-term partner with reputable customers, global players, as well as with medium-sized and smaller companies in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries around the world. Becomix has delivered over 1,500 units over 60 countries to date, with over 50 installations in Japan.

Laboratory homogeniser mixer

RW Lab series
The smallest Becomix mixers are available from 2.5 l to 60 l. These laboratory devices have the same features as the production plants. All elements are integrated into a wheeled table.

By means of the BECOMIX laboratory equipment, you can create processes identical to those later produced at scale on a large mixing unit. This allows product development under production conditions and later simplifies transfer and scale up of the processes.

Now comes with the all new Powder-jet feature allowing the efficient dispersion of powder by direct input.

Universal homogeniser mixer

RW Plant series
The RW - Plant Series is a universal mixer for scale production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Pressure and vacuum resistant boilers with double jackets, homogenisers and anchor stirrers for pilot plants and production plants of capacities between 60 and 10,000 litres.

Products: Creams, tooth paste, gel products, mascara, make‐up and more


Complete production systems incl. raw material dosing, weighing integration, innovative homogenizing and mixing technology, individually configured for liquid and semi-solid products. System design is flexibly configured to suite your process and building layout.

Low viscosity mixer

LVM Series
The LVM mixer has been specially designed for liquid products. The specially designed circulation line allows low­‐foam production for all batch sizes. The mixer has all the specialty features as the universal RW mixer.

Products: Liquids, hot/cold emulsions and shampoos

Lipstick mixer

The LIM is the "All in one" mixer for the melting of fats, direct integration of powders, homogenising and precise temperature adjustment. The very high shear intensity on account of the new type of homogeniser allows the intensive integration of powders and/or pigments.

The LIM mixer allows a low­‐dust and clean processing of volatile powders by means of innovative processes and specially‐developed solutions.

Products: Suppositories and lipstick compounds


Inline homogenizer

DH series
The DH homogeniser is designed for the upgrading of existing plants. Here the identical processes can be realised as with a full Becomix mixer, such as dispersing of powder or hot/cold production. Available in 4 different sizes.

On account of the patented BECOMIX rotor/stator design, you are able to select from a very wide bandwidth of shearing intensity from very low to very high, precisely matched to your processes.

Homogenizing Products

- Cream
- Gel
- Ointment
- Paste
- Lotion
- Oil
- Suspensions
- Liquids
- Sterile Formulation

Promas Process Control

BECOMIX comes with Promas CS software which will automate your processes in a way that they run as efficiently and reliable as possible.

Features include:

- Easy-to-use solution for the integration and automation of all production areas

- Tailored to production processes in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food sectors

- Scalable from a simple machine control to a complete MES system

- Combines MES- & PLS and SCADA-Functions in one system

- Electronic recording and documentation (ERB) according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

- Ready-to-use software base guarantees a minimalized validation effort in the project

- Developed from the experience and requirements of production and practice

- Since 2005 worldwide with more than 800 installations in productive use

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