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Since 1919, KORSCH has established itself as a leader in tablet compression technology. With know-how cultivated over many years experience, KORSCH offers advanced tabletting machines that manufacture not only single layer and multilayer tablets, but also special tablets such as core tablets.

With extensive solutions offered from product development, clinical production to medium and large scale production. A stron asset to KORSCH is its global network of sales and technical specialists to support tabletting machines used around the world.

打錠機(錠剤機) XP 1_R

Single punch tablet press

The XP 1 research tablet press is a single punch machine which is specifically designed to permit initial feasibility, screening, and solid product characterization for single or multi-layer tablets. The XP 1 permits very small material quantities to be utilized and characterized very quickly with a minimum of set-up and cleaning time. The XP 1 offers a proven, rugged, and portable design, which insures precision operation over the long term.

Single / Bi-Layer Rotary tablet press

The XM 12 tablet press is a small-scale single-layer and bi-layer press which is ideal for product development, clinical production, and mid-range production. The XM 12 tablet press offers an exchangeable turret design to permit the production of any tablet size. The conversion between single-layer and bi-layer operation can be completed very easily. The XM 12 control system offers a unique first layer sampling capability, and the option for integrated press force control, single-tablet rejection, and integrated data acquisition and analysis.

High-speed Multi-Function Platform

The XL 400 MFP (Multi-Function Platform) tablet press offers an innovative and flexible design platform that permits the production of all tablet formats on a single tablet press, including single-layer, bi-layer and tri-layer. The XL 400 MFP features an modified carrier place and head piece that permits the installation of a wide range of compression roller modules, feeder modules, and cam track modules that permit a “plug and play” approach for maximum versatility. The result is an unprecedented advancement in tablet press technology which permits maximum efficiency and utilization from a single tablet press.

打錠機(錠剤機) XL 800_R

High-speed rotary tablet presses

The XL 800 is the highest output tablet press in the world, offering a single-layer and bi-layer capability. The exchangeable turret design permits the production of any tablet size on a single machine. The unique mechanical design isolates vibration in the compression zone to permit the lowest noise operation, even at the higher press speeds and compression forces. The XL 800 is a proven, reliable workhorse for high volume, 24/7 operation.

Wash in Place Containement

Korsch tablette presse WIP-Con systems. These systems are innovative production scale, rotary tablet press that offers a comprehensive wash-in-Place and high-containment (OEB 4, OEB 5) capability for the production of highly active or potent compounds. Korsch WIP Con systems is available with a full complement of peripheral equipment including air handling, dedusting, metal check, and in-line tablet testing – to offer a fully integrated containment system.

Tabletting Products

- Single layer tablets
- 2-layer tablets
- 3-layer tablets
- Core tablest

Data analysis capability

By connecting PharmaResearch® to the tablet press, you can collect, analyze, and display tablet data in real time.

An automatic data analysis generates a comprehensive report and you can check values such as pressure peak, area under the tableting curve, pressure applied rate, pressure decay rate, contact time.

These are ideal for data collection, statistical analysis, and scale-up during clinical production.

Other features include:

  • - Graphic display with various formats. Supports export of statistical analysis results in many data formats
  • - Automatically generates reports with multiple data formats. Selectable / non-selectable digital signature
  • - Chart which can resize and add comments. Data exportable in Microsoft Word format
  • - Change history record during production. Highly reliable and high speed data confirmation with overlay technology
  • - Assists database creation by means of correlation analysis. Easy to compare characteristics between existing raw materials and unknown raw materials
  • - Correlates measured value of tableting process with related value, external recorded data by database (eg tablet hardness, density etc)
  • - Tablet analysis using various evaluation methods (eg, Heckel plot, compression energy, contact time, compression ratio)
  • - "Built-in" PAT function. Automatically saves process data to database. Collect information necessary for PAT and support definition of process
  • - Network function
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