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Since 1919, KORSCH has established itself as a leader in tablet compression technology. With know-how cultivated over many years experience, KORSCH offers advanced tabletting machines that manufacture not only single layer and multilayer tablets, but also special tablets such as core tablets.

With extensive solutions offered from product development, clinical production to medium and large scale production. A stron asset to KORSCH is its global network of sales and technical specialists to support tabletting machines used around the world.

"STYL’ONE EVO" R&D tablet press simulator

STYL'ONE EVO is a tablet press simulator that enables tableting performance surveys in all phases from the initial stage such as API characterization to the production scale.
The most notable advantage is that it is possible to mimic (imitation / reproduce) the tableting conditions of the rotary tablet press machine for production including the duel time of main and pre compression force, even though this machine has a single punch mechanism. In addition to the low-inertia brushless motor controlled by a powerful drive system and software, which is the heart of STYL'ONE EVO, the upper and lower punches are driven independently, so that it achieves the high tableting acceleration and tableting speed required to mimic the rotary tablet press machine conditions.
In addition, although a large number of products are originally required for rotary tablet press machine (even for test), the characteristics of STYL'ONE EVO can be investigated with an extremely small amount of products due to its design and software characteristics.
Furthermore, it is possible to select the profiles of more than 200 existing rotary tablet press machine stored in advance, to reproduce the unique characteristics of each and to simulate them.

Especially from the viewpoint of R&D, the software is also substantial, and not only the compression force and displacement of the upper and lower punch, but also the measurement and analysis of reject force, die wall pressure, and take-off force. It is also possible to evaluate the duel time of main and pre compression force, reject speed and filling time etc.

"STYL’ONE EVO" R&D benchtop tablet press simulator

STYL'ONE NANO" is a benchtop tablet press simulator that enables tableting performance surveys on a small-scale production scale from the initial stage such as API (pharmaceutical active ingredient) characterization.
The upper punch displacement is controlled by an air-driven and the lower punch controlled by a servomotor, which is enabling V-shape (single punch tablet press) / main & pre compression force and small rotary tablet press / Square (extended duel time). The press force target value can be set by two methods: force itself setting (kN / MPa) or punch position (displacement) setting.
The parts mounting-dismounting work prior to production is minimized. The product filling is possible not only via a gravity feeder / paddle feeder, but also with manual filling by hand, as it enables production with a very small amount of product material.

This machine is very user-friendly in terms of software, as a laptop computer installed with the unique software "Alix" can be used as HMI for operation. With this "Alix" software, you can not only set the machine parameters, but also perform all the tasks required for the product research, such as a product data acquisition, data analysis and graphing.

Of course, it is also possible to acquire the tablet press data in csv. file, additionally save the audit trail as a pdf file.

tabletting products

- Single-layer
- Bi-layer
- Tri-layer
- Four-layer
- Five-layer
- Core coating
- Chip in tablet
- Special shape tablet

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- Tablets

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