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OMSO S.p.A., established in 1952 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, is a global leader in the manufacturing of world-class printing equipment. With the use of highly automated technology OMSO specializes in printing on containers of differing shapes, dimensions and materials for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

OMSO is able to satisfy an increasing spectrum of deeply diversified decoration needs. From its inception the primary goal has been continuous improvement to direct print quality and graphics capabilities, using innovative technologies in the screen, dry-offset and flexographic printing industry.

Winckler has more than 30-year experience and over 100 installed machines as a representative for OMSO. We can provide a high-level of support and after-service in cooperation with OMSO.

SERVOCUP - Cup printing machine

The SERVOCUP runs a capacity of up to 400 pieces/min with a highly sophisticated print quality, thanks to an all new print-dry system, which can guarantee a true photo-like result. The 20-mandrel turn-table configuration enables high precision during production.

The machine is provided with a digital system, enabling quick changeover. Highlighted features are the printing plates centering operations and color cleaning which increases the printing quality for small and large batches.

SERVOBOTTLE - Bottle printing machine

SERVOBOTTLE uses OMSO's servo-driven machine technology for screen printing on plastic and glass containers. The SERVOBOTTLE offers increased flexibility and reduced changover times with the ability to print in up to 8 colors.

Patented UV LED dynamic systems integrated in printing station & built-in-the-structure electrical panels offer new space and energy saving capabilities.

SERVOTUBE - Tube printing machine

SERVOTUBE is OMSO's servo-driven tube printing machine using a 24-mandrels round configuration. Depending on the tube specifications the SERVOTUBE has a maximum output of up to 150 tubes per minute.

This solution has been conceived to bring out and improve the possibilities offered by direct printing, meeting the performances of the printing on flat surfaces.


NOVAX M and UV prints prints 1-8 colors for cylindrical, elliptical and flat containers. The new NOVAX is an improved version of its predecessor featuring improved design to reduce changeover time.

With over 100 machines sold in Japan alone this long-selling printer varies to meet changing customer's requirements. Its basic design makes it a great entry to screen printing.

HERGO - Tapered plastic cups Printing

HERGO is a fully automated off-set printer for tapered plastic cups. With a production capacity of up to 600 pieces/min and up to 9 colours this machine offers exceptional technical capabilities. The HERGO is an innovative technical solution in terms of productivity, printing quality, changeover time.

Print inspection systems

In addition to printing machinery OMSO also offers advances image inspecting capabilities. The print image inspection systems, can be installed into all printing machines as well as be used stand alone. The inspection is done through the sophisticated techniques of artificial vision assuring production without faults and allows more accurate results than human inspection.

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