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We will be exhibiting at Interphex Osaka 2024
We will be exhibiting at Interphex Osaka 2024

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This time, Winckler will be exhibiting at the 10th Interphex Osaka. We will introduce filling machines, tablet presses, and emulsifiers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries from five European manufacturers. Many demo machines will also be on display.

Exhibition Overview

Dates: March 13th (Wed) to March 15th (Fri), 2024
Hours: 10:00 to 17:00
Venue: Intex Osaka
Hall: Hall 4
Booth Number: 8-32
How to Visit: Please register in advance on the official website
Pre-registration here

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Exhibitors and Overview of Exhibited Machines

Groninger & Co. GmbH (Germany)

A leading manufacturer of liquid filling machines for the pharmaceutical industry, including injectables and eye drops, as well as filling machines for creams and perfumes, and high-viscosity formulations for the cosmetics industry. Especially proud of our top delivery record worldwide, including Japan, for filling machines for nest-sterilized containers (syringes, vials, cartridges).

■ LABWORX Series

The LabWorx, the latest benchtop machine from Groninger, consists of four standardized modules (filling with peristaltic or rotary piston pumps, stoppering, capping). These benchtop machines are primarily responsible for R&D, clinical trial processes, small batch filling, and process development for fast Groninger lines. The LabWorx is designed using servo motors and is controlled via tablet or smartphone.

LABWORX Lab-scale Filling Machine (Peristaltic Pump Type)

A semi-automatic benchtop machine for filling syringes, cartridges, and vials with a peristaltic pump. Options include vacuum filling, nitrogen purging, and a load cell for 100% IPC.

LABWORX Lab-scale Stoppering Machine

A semi-automatic benchtop machine for stoppering syringes, cartridges, and vials. Options include vacuum stoppering and sleeve stoppering.

LABWORX Lab-scale Capper

A semi-automatic benchtop machine for capping cartridges and vials.

KORSCH AG (Germany)

KORSCH is a German specialist manufacturer of tablet presses. The lineup includes tablet presses for single-layer and multi-layer tablets, as well as special tablets such as core tablets and chip-in tablets. It also meets all tablet pressing needs with containment (WIP), smart factories (Pharma 4.0), and tools for acquiring and analyzing tablet pressing data.

XL100 PRO Compact Rotary Tablet Press

A tablet press with an integrated control panel and a very simple and robust machine design, ideal for product development. It features highly accessible tablet pressing zone (without corner columns) and easily exchangeable turrets, offering great flexibility. It is designed for easy cleaning and quick die change, making it ideal for small to medium-scale production.


MEDELPHARM is a tablet press manufacturer specializing in the field of research and development. The tablet presses come equipped with software that allows for the acquisition and detailed analysis of tablet press data, offering innovative solutions for R&D from both mechanical and software aspects.

STYL’ ONE EVO (R&D Tablet Press Simulator)

From early tablet characteristics evaluation to formulation development and scale-up to production, the STYL’One Evo makes tablet research and analysis easier than ever. It covers various tablet formats from single-layer to five-layer tablets, including core tablets. It’s an excellent tablet press simulator with two modes: a displacement mode that replicates rotary tablet presses and a compression force mode that produces tablets with preset compaction forces.

STYL’ ONE NANO (R&D Tabletop Tablet Press Simulator)

A compact tabletop unit tablet press simulator that allows for rapid characteristic evaluation with minimal setup and a small amount of material. It comes with four types of tablet profiles (single/V-shaped/pre-compression & main compression/square).

IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH (Germany)

Since its foundation in 1893, IWK has focused on the development and technological improvement of tube filling and packaging machines. With numerous patents on key technologies and continuous investment in research and development, IWK continues to provide efficient and precise tube filling and packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries worldwide.

Tube Filling Machine FP10

The FP10 is a single nozzle tube filling machine capable of handling up to 70 tubes per minute. The adoption of servo drive motors allows for freely setting the filling cam curve and sealing time, enabling precise filling. The tube sealing unit on display uses the hot air method compatible with plastic and laminate tubes. The format parameter saving function allows for saving and loading major settings for each format, contributing to improved production reproducibility and reducing operator workload.

A.Berents GmbH & Co.KG (Germany)

The BECOMIX brand of emulsifiers meets high standards. Known for its performance, including the powerful and efficient powder jet technology, it contributes to the production of high-quality products. A trusted manufacturer with over 2,000 units delivered to leading companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in 60 countries worldwide.

Becomix Vacuum Emulsifier RW15CD Model (Max. Tank Capacity 24 Liters)

BERW Series:
Compact laboratory mixers with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 30 L. The same functions as production machines are integrated into a canister-equipped tabletop unit. Since processing can be done using the same principles as production machines, development under production conditions is possible, allowing for smooth scale-up to production.

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