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TABLET PRESS (R&D – Large scale production)

KORSCH is a German manufacturer specializing in tablet press machines, which was founded in Berlin in 1919. They have a full-lineup of advanced tablet press machines that produce not only single-layer and multi-layer tablets but also special tablets such as core-coating and chip-in tablets. With this lineup of machines, KORSCH is capable to cover a wide range of products from R&D and clinical production to medium- and large scale production.
Furthermore, by adding various options such as highly active substance containment, Wash-in-Place (WIP), smart factory (Pharma 4.0) design, tableting data acquisition and analysis tools, etc., KORSCH can provide most innovative as well as comprehensive tableting technology.
Today KORSCH, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019, whose tablet press machines with “Made in Berlin” quality play an important role all over the world, supported by a global network of sales and technical specialists.

打錠機(錠剤機) XP 1_R

"XP1" R&D single punch tablet press machine

XP1 is a single-punch tablet press machine designed for R&D, feasibility studies, screening, and product characterization investigation.

Since characteristic surveys can be easily performed with simple settings and a small amount of powders, product development and powder analysis are possible with a lot of flexibility.
By the open design, the machine is very user-friendly to use, which makes it easy to change the format and clean. Since the filling depth and insertion depth can be adjusted with high precision, the tableting parameters can be easily changed even during running the machine.
The newly developed tool adapter supports both TSM and EU standard tooling, and due to that, XP1 can produce tablets of a wide range of sizes from minitabs to large tablets with a diameter of 25 mm.

XP1 can be configured in three types: a normal type, a benchtop type and a portable type with casters.
The latest data acquisition and analysis system can be also installed, which is making the XP1 the ultimate tableting machine in the field of R&D.

"XL100" Clinical and small-scale production rotary tablet press machine

XL100 is a rotary tablet press machine for R&D, clinical production, scale-up and small scale production, which means very versatile in operation.

The turret is replaceable and the tablets of all sizes can be manufactured. A mix-turret can be installed as an option, and both B and D tools can be used with the same turret.
Although it has a very compact mechanical design such as no compression corner column and the electrical cabinet integrated on the back of the machine, it has an excellent accessibility to the compression area, and it is also excellent in format change and cleaning.
XL100 also has the functions required for production, such as main compression force trend display, automatic compression force control, and single sorting (single reject function for bad tablet by compressed air), and thus can be used for clinical and small-scale production.

XL100 Pro has a internal PC, thus is able to add additional features such as a 15-inch touch screen, tabletting data acquisition and storage functions, automatic weight control, and recipe storage.

"X3" Middle-scale production single side rotary tablet press machine

X3 is a single side rotary tablet press machine for single-layer / Bi-layer tablet. This machine is ideal for scale-up, clinical production, medium-scale production and continuous production.

KORSCH's know-how not only the features such as mix-turret, low noise and vibration level, machine integrated electrical cabinet, and Through-the-wall installation, furthermore, the user-friendly design concept such as cleanability, maintainability and accessibility, as before, but also it realizes further foot-print saving and superior production capacity. X3 is an innovative tablet press machine in small-scale and medium-scale production, and employs many of KORSCH's latest technologies.

SFP specializes in single-layer tablet production, and MFP can produce single-layer and Bi-layer tablets. Both share the same mechanical platform for unprecedented efficiency.
It also fits into the concept of smart factories (Pharma 4.0), allowing process control and parameter management to be integrated with external systems. PharmaView® (as option) enables intuitive operations such as guided hands-free setup, operation and maintenance within virtual reality.

"XL400" Multi function rotary tablet press machine

XL400 is the most versatile tablet press machine in KORSCH lineup.
By using modular parts, it is possible to change the formats in 8 ways, including single-layer, Bi-layer and Tri-layer tablet (also core-coating and Chip in tablet). XL400 has SFP type which specializes in single-layer tablet production and MFP type which is multifunctional tablet press machine that can also produce multi-layer tablet, they both share a common platform.

Each part and cam-mounted truck are modularized and designed based on "Plug and Play" concept, and can be easily attached / detached without tools. KORSCH's unique designs such as patented compression columns, carrier plates and air cushion dampers etc. are incorporated to achieve extremely low vibration and noise levels (less than 80dB) even though XL400 is for large-scale production. In addition, by storing the main components in the back cabinet, the compression zone is much wider to improve the cleanliness and workability during maintenance.

Also, by connecting with PharmaCheck, it is possible to measure the tablet weight, hardness and thickness according to the sampling time interval. If there is a deviation between the measured value and the target value, then it applies a feedback loop to XL400 and automatically correct the parameters. It also complies with "21 CFR Part 11" The audit trail is available to be stored as the batch data which is including event logs and alarm history etc.

打錠機(錠剤機) XL 800_R

High-speed rotary tablet presses

The XL 800 is the highest output tablet press in the world, offering a single-layer and bi-layer capability. The exchangeable turret design permits the production of any tablet size on a single machine. The unique mechanical design isolates vibration in the compression zone to permit the lowest noise operation, even at the higher press speeds and compression forces.

The XL 800 is a proven, reliable workhorse for high volume, 24/7 operation.

Wash in Place Containement

Korsch tablette presse WIP-Con systems. These systems are innovative production scale, rotary tablet press that offers a comprehensive wash-in-Place and high-containment (OEB 4, OEB 5) capability for the production of highly active or potent compounds.

Korsch WIP Con systems is available with a full complement of peripheral equipment including air handling, dedusting, metal check, and in-line tablet testing – to offer a fully integrated containment system.

Tabletting Products

- Single-layer
- Bi-layer
- Tri-layer
- Core coating
- Chip in tablet
- Special shape tablet

Data analysis capability

By connecting PharmaResearch® to the tablet press, you can collect, analyze, and display tablet data in real time.

An automatic data analysis generates a comprehensive report and you can check values such as pressure peak, area under the tableting curve, pressure applied rate, pressure decay rate, contact time.

These are ideal for data collection, statistical analysis, and scale-up during clinical production.

Other features include:

  • Graphic display with various formats. Supports export of statistical analysis results in many data formats
  • Automatically generates reports with multiple data formats. Selectable / non-selectable digital signature
  • Chart which can resize and add comments. Data exportable in Microsoft Word format
  • Change history record during production. Highly reliable and high speed data confirmation with overlay technology
  • Assists database creation by means of correlation analysis. Easy to compare characteristics between existing raw materials and unknown raw materials
  • Correlates measured value of tableting process with related value, external recorded data by database (eg tablet hardness, density etc)
  • Tablet analysis using various evaluation methods (eg, Heckel plot, compression energy, contact time, compression ratio)
  • "Built-in" PAT function. Automatically saves process data to database. Collect information necessary for PAT and support definition of process
  • Network function
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