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Since its founding in 1893, IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH has focused on technology improvement and has demonstrated a global presence through the development of new technologies. Today, the company holds numerous patents on major technologies, and keep investing much in research and development to offer innovative solutions. IWK core mission is to deliver efficient, precise, and attractive packaging equipment for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

チューブ充填機 FP 10

Low Speed -Tube Filling Machine

In the low speed segment IWK builds the FP 10 machines.

The FP 10 impresses with latest servo technology and its user-friendly calibration via touchscreen.

It has hundreds of installations worldwide.

チューブ充填機 FP 46-2

Mid Speed -Tube Filling Machine

FP series
Flexibility, performance and ergonomics were the key development criteria when it came to the new FP tube filling machine series. Like all of the machines, this new tube filler generation ensures technical precision, features modern control technologies as well as a high level of efficiency.

Models: FP 18-1 / 34-1 / 34-2 / 46-2 / 46-3 / 64-3

チューブ充填機 TFS E

Mid Speed -Tube Filling Machine

TFS series
High reliability with great payback has helped IWK to become the market leader of automatic tube fillers in the medium and high speed range. The tube filling machine range TFS offers seamless integration into the IWK program: rugged construction, maintenance-free, innovative technology, operator friendliness, and reproducible size changeovers.

High Speed

TFS 80-4/-6/-8
Highest performance and reliability, intelligent controls for optimal process cycles and outstanding process safety have turned IWK into the market leader with automatic tube filling machines for medium and upper outputs.

The new tube filling line TFS 80-8 guarantees complete weight checking and control, thus reducing tube overfilling significantly. With a fill rate of 750 tubes per minute, the TFS 80-8 is faster than any other tube filling machine in the world.


SC Series
Universal continuous motion cartoning machine primarily for applications in the health care and cosmetics industry with an output rate up to 450 cartons/min.

Cartons are positively opened by levers and stationary counter suction (cups) and carton set-up kinematics

Tube Filling Products

- Cream
- Gel
- Ointment
- Paste
- Lotion
- Oil

FP Series Configurations

The FP Series has several machine configurations available.

Additional Options:
- Code scanning at print registration
- Tube dedusting
- Camera monitoring of tube edge, particles in tube, tube cap presence
- Laminar flow and/or sterile applications
- Different hoppers, Pressure cylinder or tank
- Level monitoring
- Multi color filling
- Change on block of product contact parts
- Rotary lobe pump for CIP / Wash out
- Gas purging, Droplet dosing
- Heated pressing jaws for metal tubes
- Hot-air or high frequency welding
- Tube closing for contour seals
- Double, triple or saddle fold for metal tubes
- Labeling (Embossing, Laser-, Ink-jet-printing)
- Automatic central lubrication
- In-line Check weighing

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